Infant, mum and cabby taken to hospital after accident involving car, taxi and lorry in Pasir Ris

Submitted by Stomper Rezo, Cheryl

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A woman, her baby and a cabby was taken to the hospital after an accident involving a car, a taxi and a lorry at Pasir Ris Drive 8.

Stomper Rezo shared a video of the aftermath of the accident on Jan 23.

Stomper Cheryl said she heard a loud bang.

"We witnessed a red cab and a trailer involved in an accident in front of Costa Ris," said the Stomper, who shared a photo of two ambulances at the scene.

Rezo said: "The ambulance arrived within 15 minutes after the accident."

In response to a Stomp query, the Singapore Civil Defence Force said it was alerted at about 6:35pm to the accident at the slip road leading to the Tampines Expressway.

The police told Stomp a 35-year-old female car passenger and her one-month-old infant were conscious when taken to KK Women's and Children's Hospital.

The 64-year-old male taxi driver was also conscious when taken to Changi General Hospital.

Police investigations are ongoing.

Cheryl said that about 10 minutes after the accident, another one happened on the same road.

"A bus swerved, causing a car to hit the divider just across," recounted the Stomper, who shared a photo of a Traffic Police motorcycle parked behind a Mercedes-Benz next to the road divider with an SBS Transit bus in front of the car.

Stomp understands that no injuries were reported for the second accident and the incident has been reported to the relevant insurers.