Fire hazard and mess alert: Admiralty residents burn offerings on the road instead of allocated bin nearby

Submitted by Stomper Eli

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Stomper Eli was concerned to see a family burning offerings on the road near Block 467A Admiralty Drive instead of somewhere safer and more appropriate yesterday (Oct 23).

To make things worse, they left what Eli felt was a 'mess' behind.

Calling the family's behaviour inconsiderate, Eli told Stomp:

"This was seen at the road nearby the barbecue pit at Block 467A Admiralty Drive. It occured at around 11.40am.

"A family were doing their prayers by the road near the grass patch. They should be doing it in the bins which have been provided for them by the Town Council and which are readily available everywhere in this neighborhood.

"However, they deliberately continued burning this, thus creating air pollution as well as a big mess which they left unattended.

"Praying is understandable but they, in the first place, should be considerate and not be ignorant of their acts. Think of the cleaners who later on would be the one cleaning all this mess. Burning this by the road could also trigger a fire break out especially if this is left unattended.

"Singaporeans, please be considerate and think of others."