What an eyesore! Holland Close residents disgusted to find litter bins ransacked and rubbish strewn around estate

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Stomper David was disgusted to come across ransacked litter bins and rubbish strewn across the void deck at Block 4 Holland Close early this morning (June 12).

According to the Stomper, this is a common occurrence he has witnessed over the past 10 years living in the estate.

He was heading to church at 7am today when he saw what looked like a "warzone".

Said David:

"There are security cameras installed in the area to deter undesirable behaviour but I do not believe they are operational and whoever is ransacking these bins know that too.

"Why are these cameras not activated so that these people who are doing this can be captured and authorities can take action?

"Not only is it an eyesore but it is a potential breeding ground for rodents and pests.

"I hope that the Residents' Committee or Town Council can do something about this."