Rivervale Crescent multi-purpose hall left an eyesore after funeral wake

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Stomper Dolly was disgusted at the sight that met her eyes when she was driving to work this morning (July 7).

The multi-purpose hall at Block 181 Rivervale Crescent had pieces of paper and trash bags strewn all over the area.

Said the Stomper:

"As a neighbour, I feel like I have to say something about this.

"This mess was left after a funeral wake ended yesterday.

"I reported this to the town council but they said they would tell the cleaner about it.

"It's not about the cleaner but the people who left the mess in the first place.

"It's very irresponsible and the area is such an eyesore.

"I really hope the town council can do more than just tell the cleaners to clean this up."