Iguana sunbathes and munches on leaves near SAFRA Jurong

Submitted by Stomper Joanne

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An iguana was spotted sunbathing and munching on some leaves at a canal near SAFRA Jurong on Friday (Nov 18).

Stomper Joanne shared with Stomp photos and a video of the reptile having a snack.

The iguana appears to be a common green iguana, a species that is not native to Singapore.

However, it is not uncommon to see iguanas on our island. Their presence has been attributed to escaped or released pets.

The reptiles are native to South American countries such as Mexico, southern Brazil and Paraguay.

They are largely herbivorous and can grow to about 1.7m long.

In an earlier statement to Stomp, the Animal Concerns Research and Education Society (ACRES) said: "The illegal and exotic pet trade causes misery to millions of wild animals worldwide as they are poached from the wild and smuggled globally for various purposes, like the exotic pet trade and animal parts for medicinal purposes."