Godzilla at Jln Teck Whye? Nah, it's just a huge iguana

Submitted by Stomper Gayatri

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Singapore is an urban jungle brimming with all sorts of wildlife, and it is not unusual to come across otters, wild boars and other creatures when you are outdoors.

Stomper Gayatri and her husband were greeted by a gigantic iguana right outside their third-storey home at Block 162 Jalan Teck Whye last Friday (Apr 28).

Gayatri said:

"I was shocked to see a green iguana right in front of my house.

"The main door was open but the grill door was closed. My husband saw it in front of our flat and alerted me.

"First I panicked as one should as it may come inside. Then I was calm and slowly moved forward and closed the main door, before watching it from our window.

"Later, my husband tried to call the animal rescue team. But nothing happened after 40 minutes, so he decided to drive it away by himself and finally succeeded."

In a phone interview, the Stomper's husband said he drove away the reptile to the staircase area and it went down itself, before going back to a grass field nearby.