Fat iguana has trouble climbing up tree, should take PM Lee's advice about healthy diet

Submitted by Stomper Ed

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In his National Day Rally speech on Aug 20, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong encouraged Singaporeans to have healthier eating habits as one way to combat diabetes.

Fighting the disease is a major policy goal of the Government, as one in nine of Singaporeans have diabetes.

Besides emphasising the importance of choosing healthier food options, PM Lee said that Singaporeans should also eat less, reported The Straits Times.

Well, this cute iguana at Jurong Bird Park might want to heed his advice too.

Stomper Ed was amused to see how the reptile had a hard time climbing up a tree, though it eventually succeeded in his mission.

Ed said: "I was walking towards the carpark with my 10-year-old son when something dropped down from a tall tree.

"It turned out to be a big green iguana. It tried several times to climb back up but was too heavy and the dry bark of the tree kept breaking off. It eventually managed to climb up.

"The iguana was fat and looked like it had swallowed a bird or something."