Passers-by protect iguana from crossing road at Geylang Lor 35, and are rewarded with this surprise

Submitted by Stomper Harold

This story was submitted via Stomp App contribution.

Stomper Harold was on his way home yesterday evening (Feb 20) when his wife informed him that there was an iguana walking along the footpath at Geylang Lorong 35. 

According to the Stomper, his wife spotted the iguana at around 6.30pm.

He said that his wife saw passers-by protecting the iguana from crossing the road because they were afraid that it would get run over.

News of the 1.5m-long iguana spread, and eventually a crowd built up. Drivers who saw the iguana even stopped to take photos.

The Stomper said that by the time he arrived at the scene, the iguana had been coaxed into a cardboard box by a girl. He added that officers from ACRES Wildlife Rescue arrived at around 7.30pm and transferred the iguana into a cage. 

They also made a startling discovery -- the iguana had laid an egg in the box. 

Said the Stomper:

"The officers were very professional in handling the situation.

"My wife, who was passing by catching Pokémon, finally caught sight of a "real" Pokémon." 

While it is unclear where the iguana came from, it is illegal to keep iguanas as pets, according to the Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority of Singapore's website.

When contacted by Stomp, ACRES said:

"The green iguana seems to be fine. We will do X-rays and other assessments shortly to ensure that she is doing fine.

"Green iguanas are not native and this particular individual was probably someone's illegal pet.

"The illegal and exotic pet trade causes misery to millions of wild animals worldwide as they are poached from the wild and smuggled globally for various purposes, like the exotic pet trade and animal parts for medicinal purposes.

"Once the iguana passes the quarantine period, we will have an enclosure for her where she will be housed. The public can call us at 97837782 should they require advice or help with regards to wild animals.