If they slipped from a carpark rooftop, it could have been the last selfie for these youngsters

Submitted by Stomper Serene

In this age ruled by social media, some people will do anything to get that one photo that will be envied by all.

Stomper Serene saw three boys posing for a photo on the rooftop of an open multi-storey carpark at Block 395, Bukit Batok West Avenue 5, at around 6.58pm yesterday (Jun 28). 

Serene had spotted the teenagers from a window in her flat and proceeded to take a video of their dangerous antics. 

In the video, the three teenagers could be seen climbing onto the ledge of the carpark rooftop for a selfie.

Said the concerned resident:

“I was very worried as I was taking the video.

“What if one of them fell?

“Since they were clinging onto one another, the others could have fallen too.

“This is dangerous behaviour and shouldn’t be emulated.”