Youths risk their safety to take photos at iconic Rochor Centre before it closes

Submitted by Stomper Xinying

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Stomper Xinying was in her home at Rochor Centre when she saw a group of boys dangerously climbing part of a building on December 29.

Rochor Centre is a group of buildings that consists of four blocks painted yellow, green, red and blue and are iconic to most Singaporeans.

However, with its closure to make way for the new North-South Expressway, the estate has attracted visitors hoping to capture the urban landscape for the last time.

Xinying was a resident in the area and was packing her things when she saw the boys.

Said the Stomper:

"They were taking photos but it was incredibly dangerous.

"There were no railings to prevent them from falling, they could have fallen any time but thankfully they did not get hurt."

Watch the video below.