'I ride bike not submarine': Grab investigating after rider asked to deliver food to Seletar Island

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Grab is investigating an incident in which a rider was asked to make a food delivery to Seletar Island even though it would be impossible for him to do so.

The delivery rider, known as Ruzzy (@rxzhael), had tweeted about the incident on July 26.

In a series of now-deleted tweets, Ruzzy shared a screenshot of how he was supposed to deliver a $6.70 order from a seafood restaurant in Yishun to Seletar Island.

Seletar Island is situated in the Straits of Johor off the northern coast of Singapore, and located within Singapore waters — making it quite inaccessible to the average person.

Ruzzy therefore tried reaching out to Grab Support for assistance.

"I ride bike not submarine," said Ruzzy, who asked if the order could be cancelled or if he could be reassigned to another job.

However, the support agent said he was unable to accede to Ruzzy's request.

The agent told Ruzzy that the distance for the order was "within the acceptable range for your mode of vehicle" and to "kindly proceed to deliver [the] order to the stated delivery address."

Ruzzy responded: "... So I'm supposed to swim there...?"

His tweets soon blew up and went viral.

Many netizens were also curious about what happened afterwards and if Ruzzy really had to fulfil the unusual order.

According to Ruzzy, he "ended up manually cancelling the order and went home to sleep".

On Monday (July 27), Grab Singapore responded directly to Ruzzy on Twitter and apologised.

"Seletar Island is definitely not within the acceptable range," said the ride-hailing firm, adding that the support agent who responded to Ruzzy will be undergoing "additional coaching".

In response to a Stomp query, a spokesman for Grab Singapore said: "We are aware of this incident and are investigating.

"Grab is currently unable to fulfil food delivery orders to Seletar Island. The Customer Experience agent who answered to this query will also undergo additional coaching."

Meanwhile, Ruzzy appears to be taking the entire saga in stride. He has also updated his Twitter profile, proclaiming himself as "GrabFood's first Submarine operator".

Thanking netizens for their kind comments, Ruzzy tweeted on Tuesday (July 28): "I'm so glad to hear I made people's day and gave them a good laugh."