Hulk smash! Man caught on video hitting and kicking BMW at Yishun carpark

A shirtless man was caught on video hitting and kicking a BMW car parked at Block 165 Yishun Ring Road on Mar 23.

Videos recorded from the vehicle's in-car camera were posted on Crimescene Needhelp's Facebook page.

According to the post's contributor who is the owner of the BMW, his vehicle was damaged from the shirtless man's actions.

"We are seeking justice and looking for this man," he wrote in the post.

In the video, the man is seen hitting the car's boot with both fists in a move netizens dubbed as "Hulk smash", the trademark slogan of the Incredible Hulk.

He then walks to the void deck before coming near the car again while lighting a cigarette.

He kicks a nearby lamppost before performing a running kick on the car.

Some netizens noted that the man was bleeding as there were what appeared to be blood stains on his face and chest.

The reasons for his actions are unclear.