Police investigating after kids sit and climb on man's parked car at Bukit Batok, throw things at it

Submitted by Stomper Sim

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Three young boys were caught on camera treating Stomper Sim's car like their own personal playground last Tuesday evening (July 3).

Sim had parked his car at the open-space carpark of Parkview Apartments, a condominium located at 2 Bukit Batok Street 25, at around 6.25pm.

He told Stomp: "I had just returned home from polishing my car in Malaysia."

However, about thirty minutes later, Sim came back and noticed that his car was no longer in the same pristine state.

"There were numerous marks, scratches and fingerprints on many corners, both windscreens, on the sides, the front and back bonnet, as well as the windows," said Sim.

"I then proceeded home and checked the in-vehicle camera footage from my SD card.

"It showed that about a few minutes after I had parked and left my vehicle, three kids (one clad in red, another in white, and the last in grey) came towards my vehicle."

A video that Sim shared with Stomp shows the three boys, all of whom he said were holding water guns, climbing and sitting on his car.

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(Stomp has censored the boys' faces as they are minors)

Sim added: "They had used their water guns to scratch the front bonnet of my vehicle.

"The boy in white was also seen to have thrown his water bottle onto the front windscreen."

Sim told Stomp that the boys also left multiple handprints and slipper prints on his car.

The Stomper said: "Later on, the video had sounds which I believe are from the kids trying to pry open my car door open. I think they damaged the car door's sensor as my vehicle handle system is not working anymore.

"There is also a security camera from the condominium, at the lobby in front of the block where I had parked my vehicle."

According to Sim, he approached condo management about the incident and said they gave him the contact details of the boys' parents.

"There were two families and I spoke to both sets of parents. The kids were not present.

"They just said sorry and that 'children do wrong things is very normal'."

Sim subsequently made a police report.

In response to a Stomp query, the police confirm that a report was lodged and investigations are ongoing.

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