Huge 24-metre tall tree at Malcolm Park falls onto part of Tanglin CC after heavy rain

Submitted by Stomper Azhar, Adrian

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A 24-metre tall tree at Malcolm Park uprooted and fell onto part of Tanglin Community Club (CC) after a heavy downpour on Saturday evening (Apr 17).

Stompers Azhar and Adrian alerted Stomp to the incident and shared photos they took of the fallen tree along Whitley Road.

"A large tree fell between the CPIB Corruption Reporting and Heritage Centre and Tanglin Community Club at Whitley Road due to bad weather," said Azhar.

"The CC staff were very quick to react to ensure safety.

"I had martial arts training at Tanglin CC but my friends and I found our training corner couldn't be used because of the incident.

"The pottery class there saw the incident first-hand because the tree missed their classroom by a bit.

"Their students told us it happened around 5 to 6pm."

The National Parks Board was alerted to the fallen West Indian Locust Tree (Hymenaea courbaril) in Malcolm Park located along Whitley Road at around 8.30pm on April 17, following a heavy and intense rainfall the same day.

The tree was more than 24m tall with a girth of 4.6m, and was cleared by 5pm on Apr 19.