Traffic comes to a standstill after tree falls along Upper Jurong Road

Submitted by Stomper Ash

This story was submitted via Stomp App contribution.

A fallen tree caused a massive jam along Upper Jurong Road on Wednesday morning (Mar 31).

Stomper Ash alerted Stomp to the traffic jam and shared a video he took as he was walking along the road.

He said he saw a tree trunk on a section of the road at around 7.38am.

"In the early hours of Wednesday, there were many reported incidents of fallen trees and snapped tree branches during extreme weather conditions including intense rain and strong winds."

At 6.52am, the Land Transport Authority (LTA) tweeted that there was an obstacle along Upper Jurong Road towards Tuas, and that the road was closed after Benoi Road.

At 9.05am, LTA posted to avoid the left lane.

Members of the public can inform NParks of fallen tree and branch incidents through NParks' helpline on 1800-471-7300.