'Housemate from hell' who smokes 10 cigarettes a day drives out 2 tenants, police reports made

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Three of them used to live in the rental flat. Now two have moved out.

Stomper S said it was because of a "housemate from hell" named Seow.

"Since Seow came into the picture, everything went south," said the Stomper.

Seow is in her 70s and they shared the same HDB flat under the Joint Singles Scheme Operator-Run Pilot.

"On Seow's first night with us in the first weekend in September, she ruffled the other housemate's feathers because she played games at a loud volume till 11.30pm," recounted the Stomper.

"After this, there were a lot of other incidents that led to the housemate moving to another unit at the end of September."

Then it was only the Stomper and Seow living in the flat.

"At first, Seow and I were on good terms, but things went wrong because of her smoking habit. She smokes inside the flat since day one and she's a heavy smoker, more than 10 cigarettes a day."

A non-smoker, the Stomper said: "In our Tenancy Agreement, it's clearly stated that she cannot smoke in the flat.

"After a few days, I had sore eyes, sore throat, cough, headache and spots started to appear on my face, according to my neighbour.

"There was another incident when my eczema flared up and my GP was so concerned that he sent me to the A&E. I told Seow about this, but she didn't budge. She still smokes inside the flat.

"After numerous failed attempts to talk to her, I approached the flat management. Then she said she was disappointed in me!"

"After a few complaints to the flat management, Seow unwillingly went out to smoke, but she smoked at the gate and blew the smoke into the flat."

But the Stomper said that Seow still sometimes smoked inside the flat.

"So not only did I complain to the flat management again, but I also filed a police report and complained to HDB, but both the police officer and HDB said it was under the flat management's jurisdiction."

The Stomper said that Seow would also slam the gate when she went outside to smoke late at night or slam the toilet door when using the toilet a couple of times in the middle of the night.

"On one occasion, I was quite fed up with her slamming the gate again and shouted at her to slam it harder till it breaks. So she started yelling 'crazy woman'. She went out of the flat and shouted 'mad woman here, come and see crazy woman.'

"So I yelled at her to keep all her things in her room and stop occupying and messing up the common area, but she just kept on yelling 'crazy woman here, come and see mad woman'.

"I yelled at her that none of this would have happened if she didn't smoke inside the house, causing all my health problems. She just kept on shouting 'come and see mad woman'. I was so fed up that I kicked her things and called the police.

"After all these incidents, she started to burn fragrant incense inside the house too."

The Stomper made another police when she suspected that her liquid hand soap and shower gel were tempered with. "I started to feel a burning sensation on my skin and developed rashes," she said.

In response to a Stomp query, the police confirmed that the reports were lodged.

The Stomper said: "I've now moved to another unit because I really cannot tolerate her behaviour as my peace and health is of utmost importance to me."