Hougang resident says neighbour's 'noisy birds' have affected his mental and physical well-being

Submitted by Stomper G

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A resident at Block 418 Hougang Avenue 8 has found his mental and physical well-being severely affected by his neighbour's noisy birds.

Stomper told Stomp that he deals with the noise all day, every day because he also works from home.

"My neighbour's birds are too noisy, they are chirping non-stop all day which affects my concentration to work from home and also when I'm having meetings," he said.

"Over the weekends, the chirping is loud and so disturbing that I cannot even have a peaceful and long sleep."

He shared several audio clips of the birds chirping.

One clip was taken inside his unit and the birds can be heard even when his main door is closed.

"That's how bad it is," he said.

"It is affecting our mental and physical well-being."

He added that he alerted the Housing Board (HDB) to the matter and said the noise stopped for a short while.

"The neighbour complied for a few days, which also shows that they are able to comply with it," he said.

"But they have since reverted to the same as before, leaving their birds to chirp loudly and consistently throughout the day."

In October, a woman sold her Bedok flat after losing sleep over the past year because of her neighbour's noisy parrot.

According to The Straits Times, the HDB has received an uptick in feedback relating to noise from residents' activities.

On its website, HDB advises those who encounter such neighbour disputes to "communicate with your neighbours politely, listen to them and be willing to compromise" before seeking mediation services.