'I cannot tolerate it': Yishun resident tormented by noisy birds for 2 years before trees are pruned

Submitted by Stomper Eddy

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A resident of Block 362 Yishun Ring has had it with the birds.

Stomper Eddy said: "The birds made noise from 6am to 7am and from 6.45pm to 7.30pm daily. I cannot tolerate it.

"I just had a second heart attack in February, Covid in June and dengue in July. I need rest after work."

Sharing videos of the noisy birds in the trees near his home, he told Stomp it had been going for two years.

"I noticed it was getting worse since many new BTO flats were built nearby. The trees were cut down so the birds moved to our area," he said, adding that he had told his MP about the problem.

The good news is that workers were seen pruning the trees near the Stomper's block on Aug 17. Now the birds have to move somewhere else and torment the residents there.

But for the Stomper at least, it is a relief.

"There is still some noise, but not so bad," he said.

"But next year, when the trees grow back, they should take action fast if the residents have an issue with the birds and trees. We are the ones who suffer. Accumulation will cause mental illness."