Chai Chee residents cry fowl over neighbour's noisy parrots that squawk all day

Submitted by Stomper Edmund

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Being neighbours with a family at Chai Chee Road has proven to be a 'birden', no thanks to their two loud parrots.

Stomper Edmund lives next door and therefore bears the full brunt of the noise.

He shared several videos of the parrots squawking incessantly.

The noise can be heard even from next door, when Edmund is in his own home (1:37 onwards in video).

Edmund said the two parrots belong to a couple and their three children.

He told Stomp: "This has been going on since October last year. The parrots start screaming every morning at 6.50am till 10pm at night. Jialat lah, whole day, I tell you, whole day.

"Many of us have children who are unable to study due to the noise. Even those on other levels and neighbouring blocks can hear the parrots and cannot tahan.

"A neighbour from the ninth floor had previously quarrelled with the family, so it would be even more jialat for me if I confront them since I live next door."

Edmund said he has tried approaching many parties for help, including the town council, the Housing Development Board, the National Parks Board, his Member-of-Parliament, the police and Shin Min Daily News.

"The police came before but the family did not dare to open the door. Shin Min reporters also came and knocked on the door, but they all hid at home," he added.

"The town council said that they cannot take any action since the parrots are indoors.

"Then jialot lor, we stay beside them, how?"