Hornbills sweeten Bedok North resident's day with upclose encounter

Submitted by Stomper Tina

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A woman's rare encounter with hornbills earlier this month left such an impression on her that she still remembers it to date.

Stomper Tina saw the birds at Block 93 Bedok North Avenue 4 on August 6, at around 5.30pm.

Tina, a resident in the vicinity, said: "I took a pretty close-up picture and two videos.

"One video shows the hornbill playing with the leaf after it enjoyed the fruits on the tree, while the second video shows how his friend also came along shortly!

"One hornbill flew off first and the other one followed its friend in the same direction after swallowing the fruit.

Tina, who said it was her first time seeing hornbills in the area, also told Stomp: "It was a beautiful sight."