Hornbill visits Pasir Ris resident and gets treated with tangerines

Submitted by Stomper Adam

This story was submitted via Stomp App contribution.

A Pasir Ris resident was visited by a beautiful hornbill at about 3pm on Sunday (Jan 12).

Stomper Adam, who lives on the fourth floor of Block 633 Pasir Ris Drive 3, contributed a video of the bird.

He told Stomp: "An extraordinary visitor came by my house and brought a lot of excitement to my family and me. 

"The hornbill lingered at our window for about 15 minutes."

Adam added: "It's the first time we're seeing a hornbill so up close

"I first heard a bird sound and that's when I noticed this bird outside our window.

"We were so excited and my four-year-old granddaughter suggested we treat our special guest with some tangerines."