Heroic driver helps worker struggling with trolleys on carpark slope of The Seletar Mall

Submitted by Stomper Gordon

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Stomper Gordon was driving into The Seletar Mall for a romantic meal with his wife on Valentine's Day (Feb 14), when he noticed a woman struggling with her load.

The woman, who is a McDonald's employee, was trying to move two trolleys of trash to the garbage disposal area in the multi-storey carpark.

Stomper Gordon recounted: "I was on my way to Haidilao when I noticed a young lady having difficulty bringing her trolleys down the carpark slope as there were cars going in and out.

"I decided to stop my car, turn on my hazard lights, and go down and help her.

"I didn’t know my wife took a video of the process. My friends then suggested I share it with Stomp to spread kindness."

In the video, Gordon can be seen helping the woman by moving a trolley piled high with cardboard boxes down the slope.

Gordon, who is the winner of Manhunt Singapore 2008, said: "She kept smiling and thanking me. I'm glad to have made her day on Valentine’s Day."

McDonald's told Stomp in a statement: "We are heartened to see Stomper Gordon’s response to the situation.

"Our crew is an important part of the McDonald’s family and we would like to extend our sincere thanks to Stomper Gordon for his kind gesture."