Kind stranger carries 80kg handicapped woman up stairs after lift at Novena MRT Station breaks down

Submitted by Stomper Clarice

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Several wheelchair users were left stranded at the train platform of Novena MRT Station after a lift broke down on Tuesday morning (Dec 17).

Stomper Clarice alerted Stomp to the incident as her mother was one of those affected.

"I was taking my mother to Tan Tock Seng Hospital (TTSH) to see the doctor that morning but when we reached Novena MRT Station at 9.40am, we were informed the lift was spoilt," she said.

Soon, many other passengers using wheelchairs started to gather in front of the lift as well.

"We were all stuck at the train platform, including my mother who is handicapped as both her feet have been amputated," Clarice said.

"We approached station staff for help and were told that we could take the train to Toa Payoh and take bus service 143 to TTSH or alternatively, change our medical appointment."

"Some staffers helped other wheelchair users who were able to walk and take the escalator and stairs by carrying their wheelchairs for them.

"Others took the alternative route to TTSH via Toa Payoh."

Clarice said she had taken leave to bring her mother to the hospital that day so changing the appointment was not ideal.

"As my mum was late for her appointment, we decided to get our helper to carry her with the MRT staff supporting as they said they were unable to carry passengers due to safety reasons.

"We asked our helper if she could carry my mum while we helped to provide support and she was agreeable.

"Then, a young gentleman came over to help and said he could carry my mum up the staircase.

"Despite his size, he carried my mum who is at least 80kg up two flights of stairs from the MRT platform to the control station."

Clarice said she was unable to get the kind man's name because he quickly returned to the platform to catch his train.

"Kudos to this young man!"