"Heart nearly jumped out from my mouth," says driver who jammed on brakes to avoid reckless cyclist in Yishun

A cyclist was caught on camera recklessly riding right in front of a moving car at a carpark.

According to a caption on a video of what happened posted on ROADS.sg, the incident took place around 6pm near Block 643 Yishun Street 61. The date of the occurrence was not specified.

In the video, the motorist who recorded what happened was driving in the carpark. A stationary car can be seen several metres in front.

As the driver approached the car, the cyclist suddenly appeared from the rear of the vehicle.

The driver subsequently jammed on the brakes to avoid an accident and horned at the cyclist for the reckless act.

Judging from a screenshot of the video, the cyclist appeared to be quite young.

Read a caption on the video:

"Heart nearly jumped out from my mouth."