Why there's a speed limit in tunnels -- and Fast & Furious Honda driver finds out the hard way

A Honda driver learned to adhere to speed limits in tunnels the hard way yesterday (Sep 11) at around 9.25am.

In a video posted on Fabrications About The PAP, the flashy pink car can first be seen driving at a high speed into a tunnel.

Just before the Honda entered, its driver pressed on the brakes, possibly because he or she was losing control of the car.

At around the 15-second mark of the video, the Honda then hit the walls of the tunnel on the side of the right-most lane.

Its driver then continued accelerating for a while, before coming to a complete stop several metres in front.

A part of Honda's rear became dislodged in the accident, and fell onto the road.

Read a caption on the video:

"Fast and Furious to kiss wall. Please drive within speed limit, there is no need to show off."

Hopefully, the Honda driver will not repeat what he or she did in future.

According to the Land Transport Authority, motorists have to keep to speed limits in tunnels.

There are currently six road tunnels in Singapore. They are: 

1. Central Expressway (CTE) Tunnel
2. Kallang-Paya Lebar Expressway (KPE) Tunnel
3. Marina Coastal Expressway (MCE) Tunnel
4. Fort Canning Tunnel (FCT)
5. Woodsville Tunnel (WVT) 
6. Sentosa Gateway Tunnel (SGT)

The speed limit in the CTE and MCE tunnels is 80km/h.

Motorists also have to keep to that limit in most parts of the KPE tunnel with the exception of some localised bends.

The speed limit in the FCT and WVT is 50km/h and the speed limit in the SGT is 40km/h