Eh Porsche driver, must you bully fellow S'porean Merc driver on Malaysian highway?

Submitted by Stomper Kai Jie

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A Singaporean motorist encountered a Porsche driver who displayed road rage and acted like a bully on a Malaysian highway.

The incident took place on Sep 9 at 2.20pm, from Lima Kedai Toll towards Tuas Checkpoint.

Stomper Kai Jie alerted Stomp to a video of the dispute which had posted on Facebook.

According to the video caption, the motorist, a Mercedes driver, was travelling at around 110km/h and had just overtaken a Malaysia-registered car.

A Porsche driver with licence plate number SLL8300B then approached from behind and overtook the Mercedes driver.

The Porsche driver then started hogging the road. Whichever way or lane the Mercedes driver tried swerving to, the Porsche driver followed accordingly.

"He continued to slow down and then signalled me to stop at the side, which I refused," said the Mercedes driver.

However, the Porsche driver has since identified himself and responded to the incident on's post.

Not everyone bought his story though, judging from the many angry retorts that he got in return.

One even said that the Porsche driver must have been going at a "super fast speed" and added "this type of driver should be removed from the road permanently."