Guy tells GF about wanting to be together forever -- then hits on her BFF hours later

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A guy spoke about a future with his girlfriend and wanting to be together forever, only to later tell her that they should "remain friends" after hitting on her best friend -- all in one day.

Stomper Clare said she began dating JQ on March 1 this year, but the relationship came to an end on April 21. The two are no longer on talking terms.

She said: "We didn't have any problems in the relationship. We dated for two months and I knew he had his own share of issues, so I never pushed him to do anything he didn't want.

"Up until around midnight on April 21, he was still talking about being together forever and telling me how he thinks we'll spend the rest of our lives together.

(JQ's messages to Clare)

(JQ's messages to Clare's friend)

"However, he texted one of my best friends at around 5am that same day about wanting to get together with her. He went behind my back and told her how he didn't understand me and couldn't see a future together, and asked if she wanted to date him.

"Luckily, my bestie wasn't that kind of girl.

"At around 2pm on the same day, he suddenly said that we should just stay friends.

"When I asked why, he simply said that we had 'family issues and some stuff that he couldn't explain'. He also said that he didn't want to burden me.

"At first, I was really worried that something had happened to him and his family.

"My family was really upset when we got together and they strongly opposed it, but he was the one who told me that we could work things out together and show them how serious we were.

"On the other hand, he never told his family about our relationship and said that he wasn’t allowed to date.

"I later found out that he had blocked me on all social media platforms and on WhatsApp too.

"I saw a new account requesting to follow me on Instagram and looking at the bio, I knew it was him. I thought that his family had found out about us and he had to show them that we broke up. But when I texted the account asking if he was JQ, the person denied it, claiming to not know me and blocked me afterwards."

Asked how she found out that JQ had hit on her friend, Clare said: "The day he broke up with me, I told my group of friends about it and we video-called later that night. After playing some games, they seemed like they wanted to tell me something that they had found out about him.

"That's when they showed me the conversation between JQ and my friend.

"I felt betrayed by him. The entire time we spent together, everything that he told me turned out to be a lie. But if he was just playing around, why did he have to make me think that we have a future together?

"I never expected that this is how it would end."

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