Group parties weekly at Woodlands rooftop garden, leaves disgusting mess behind

Submitted by Stomper F

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A group of people have been using the rooftop garden at Block 693 Woodlands Ave 6 as their party grounds, much to the dismay of residents.

Stomper F said the parties occur every weekend and that a mess is always left behind.

Photos that she shared show the area strewn with rubbish and attracting ants.

F told Stomp: "What a way to start a Sunday.

"This has been happening frequently. A group of people always come to the rooftop garden to party and leave a mess for the cleaners. There are even ants crawling on the leftover food!

"I feel that they are really inconsiderate, especially being full grown adults. This is a public space.

"What a shame. People just cannot have nice things."

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