Golden Village responds to backlash over annual pass not being usable for 'almost all movies'

Submitted by Stomper Stanic

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Is it still a good deal?

Cinemagoers are upset over how newly-released movies appear to be not applicable for Golden Village (GV)'s Annual Pass promotion.

The Annual Pass allows patrons to watch 16 movies at 50% off "from any GV location, all days of the week". It also includes discounts for Gold Class tickets and food combos.

The pass is priced at $112 for GVMovieClub members and $120 for the public.

However, some customers have expressed frustration after trying to use their pass and realising that it cannot be used for certain films.

A Facebook post by user Evonne Wang on March 8 warned others against buying the Annual Pass.

She said she was told at a GV counter that the pass cannot be used on "new movies" and that the cinema chain has "no control" over this.

A photo accompanying her post shows a list of movies not applicable for the GV Annual Pass. They include blockbusters such as Dune: Part Two and Madame Web, as well as popular hits like Kung Fu Panda 4.

Wang also wrote, "NOW TELL ME YESTERDAY THEN CHANGE RULE!!!" (sic) and "This stupid notice is almost all movies cannot use!"

However, Stomp understands that the terms and conditions for blackout titles has been there since the launch of the GV Annual Pass.

Additionally, the decision to blackout titles for the full theatrical run or for the first few weeks is made by the movie distributor, who owns the rights to the title.

Stomper Stanic, who alerted Stomp to Wang's Facebook post, said he had a similar experience.

He added: "I feel disappointed. We purchased the GV Annual Pass but are not allowed to use it for so many movies."

In response to a Stomp query, a GV spokeswoman said: "We understand and acknowledge the concerns raised by some of our customers regarding the blackout of certain titles with our Annual Pass program.

"We would like to clarify that this decision is not taken lightly, and it is in line with industry practices and agreements with movie distributors.

"The terms and conditions of the GV Annual Pass clearly state, since the launch of the pass, that selected titles may be subject to blackout and/or blackout periods. These titles are determined by the movie distributors.

"Unfortunately, due to the dynamic nature of the film industry and distribution agreements, we are unable to provide a comprehensive list of blacked-out titles until closer to their opening dates. GV will then update the titles on our website."

The spokeswoman said GV strives to offer its customers a wide range of movie options throughout the year, including both blockbuster hits and smaller independent films.

She told Stomp: "We value the feedback from our customers and are continuously working to improve our services."

Annual Pass holders are encouraged to reach out to GV's customer support team with any specific concerns or questions they may have regarding the programme.

GV was embroiled in another controversy earlier this month when it revised its criterion for discounted senior citizen tickets. The age requirement was raised from 55 to 60 years old.

Responding to media queries, a GV spokeswoman said the change was made in 2024.

She added: "Golden Village realigns its senior citizen promotions with other local establishments like FairPrice and TransitLink, where they recognise the senior citizen age at 60 years old and above."