Golden Village responds to case of cinemagoer recording movie on her phone at Plaza Singapura

Golden Village (GV) has responded to an incident in which a cinemagoer was seen recording a movie on her mobile phone at the cinema operator's Plaza Singapura outlet.

Stomper Anonymous had earlier raised concerns after witnessing the incident during a screening of Japanese animated film 'Kaguya-sama: Love is War - The First Kiss Never Ends' in cinema hall 6 on March 17, at 12.49pm.

He said: "Please do not commit such an irresponsible act. These films, especially the GV-exclusive anime films, were once at risk of being cancelled in local cinemas due to leaks. You love your favourite anime films? Then make sure not to compromise the integrity of these films."

In response to a Stomp query, a GV spokesman said that its staff conduct routine hall checks for every movie screening across all its outlets.

The spokesman told Stomp on Monday (Apr 3): "In the event that a patron is spotted recording, our staff will issue the patron a stern warning to not repeat the offence and will require them to delete and remove all recordings as well as do checks on their photos/video albums and their social media accounts.

"If the patron is caught repeating the offence, they will be asked to leave and legal action will be taken against them.

"Our staff will also ensure that all recordings are removed from their phones."

In the event that a patron refuses to comply, the duty manager will escalate the issue to the relevant authorities.

"We would like to remind all patrons to report any illegal recordings they come across in our halls to the staff on duty," the spokesman added.

Here are GV's house rules for those who need a refresher: