Motorists rush to the rescue of men trapped in lorry after accident on CTE

Two men who were trapped in a lorry that had landed on its side after an accident were rescued by quick-thinking motorists on CTE.

Facebook page Singapore Reckless Drivers posted a video of the incident, credited to Gerrard Smith, today (Monday, Mar 20).

The clip shows a lorry lying on its side on the expressway.

Multiple motorists can be seen stopping to help two men who were trapped inside the lorry.

Gerrard Smith, the riderĀ on whose dash-cam the incident was filmed on, said "I ran to the lorry and climbed up to help both men out of the vehicle together with some of the motorists.

"Luckily, both victims only had minor injury. Once again I would like to thank those people that had helped out in the accident."