Elderly man who can barely walk gets caught in the rain at Geylang -- but kind teen rushes to his rescue

Submitted by Stomper HG

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Stomper HG was heartened to see a teenager rushing to the aid of an elderly man in need at the carpark of Geylang East Block 124 earlier (Feb 12) today at around 1.15pm.

There was a heavy downpour and the man, who was holding a walking stick, had gotten caught in the rain.

Said the Stomper:

"This 80-year-old was barely able to walk even with a walking stick and it suddenly rained cats and dogs. He had 30 to 40 metres more to go before reaching the shelter.

"This teenager had just finished his car wash. He grabbed the umbrella in his car and rushed to the old man's aid."

Well done, young man!