Kudos! Man gets out of car to help motorists involved in Hougang Ave 6 accident, clear debris and direct traffic

What would you do if you witnessed an accident?

Superstitious drivers might take note of the license plate numbers of the affected vehicles but it is undeniable that most drivers would steer clear of the accident scene, and continue their journey.

However, after two vehicles collided at the junction of Hougang Avenue 6 and 8 last Friday afternoon (Feb 17), a good Samaritan took the effort to check on the drivers, clear debris and direct traffic. 

In a video that has been circulating online, a vehicle can be seen colliding with a blue taxi at the junction.

Seconds after the accident, a man runs out of the passenger-side of a car at the junction and goes to check on the affected drivers. Shortly after, he runs back to his vehicle and tells the driver to drive off, opting to stay at the accident scene to continue to help.

As he returns to the accident scene, he can be seen picking up a piece of debris on the road and moving it out of the way of other road users. According to the Facebook page the video was posted on, the man then redirected traffic at the junction. 

While the footage is dated Apr 1 last year, the page administrators said in the post that the timestamp was set wrongly.