Kind Samaritan returns Stomper's IC at his home -- which he lost all the way in Bangkok

Submitted by Stomper Marvin

Stomper Marvin lost his pink identification card (IC) in Bangkok -- and did not expect for it to be returned to his doorstep.

The grateful Stomper would like to thank kind Samaritan who returned his IC, which he misplaced his trip to Bangkok from Sep 20 to 24.

On the evening of Sep 26, he was surprised to receive a knock on the door at his flat in Yew Tee. A kind lady had brought his lost IC back to him.

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According to Marvin, the lady is a Singaporean who also happened to be in Bangkok with her colleagues during the same period as him.

While thanking her profusely, he forgot to ask for her particulars.

He hopes that she would read this Stomp posting, so that he can say "thank you". 

"I pray that she have a blessed life with her family," he said.