Abandoned cat gets rescued by Good Samaritans after getting stuck on Sembawang 4-storey high tree for 10 days

A cat was rescued by Good Samaritans on Feb 13 after getting itself stuck on a 4-storey high tree in Sembawang for 10 days.

In a Facebook post by the Cat Welfare Society, the AVA, town council (TC) and representatives from Yishun 326 Tabby Cat were among those involved in the heroic rescue of the traumatised feline.

Read a caption on the post:

"AVA contractors almost reached the cat but it jumped, landed with a loud thud and swiftly climbed another tall tree.

"After much head scratching by everyone, the TC mobilised their contractor with a cherry picker crane and with safety blankets managed to catch the cat!

The cat fell on the blanket and was pinned down before it could escape again.

"We thank Janet from Yishun 326 Tabby who was on scene to quickly take the traumatized cat to the vet for a thorough examination. The cat was bleeding slightly at the mouth.

"Confirmation with Sembawang caregivers was that this is a newly abandoned cat who was probably terrified to be left in an unfamiliar surrounding.

"Whoever abandoned this cat really caused its unnecessary suffering and trauma.

"But this case also shows just how amazing our neighbourhoods can be with these incredible stories of Town Council and AVA working so closely with caregivers like Janet and mediators in their areas who in turn form such a strong caregiver network on the ground.

"Phones were ringing off the hook and everyone was working hand in hand to try all avenues of saving the cat!

"We thank MP Dr Lim Wee Kiak for his incredible support to cat welfare. Sembawang TC is also the first TC who requisitioned sonic repellant in bulk from Cat Welfare Society for their officers' deployment in resolving cat issues. It shows their commitment to using humane solutions!

"Sembawang caregivers Susan and Munirah will follow up closely on the vet treatments the cat needs and foster it until recovery. We will keep everyone updated on its progress.

"What an inspiring Monday!!"