Good Samaritans who stopped to help me after accident at Lornie Road: If you see this, thank you!

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Stomper Randy was involved in an accident while travelling on Lornie Road yesterday morning (July 20) at about 7.10am.

He would like to express his gratitude to a driver and an NTUC Income employee who went out of their way to help him during the accident.

Said the Stomper:

"I was travelling on Lornie Road towards Adam Road when I met with an accident on July 20 at 7.10am. It was raining.

"Really thanks to the driver who came out and assisted us. Took an umbrella to shelter us and talk to us.

"Didn't manage to get his number plate or name.

"If you see this, thanks a lot for your help and your time as well.

"As I remember, his car is a seven-seater with a bicycle rack at the back of the car. He was an ex-motorbike rider.

"Next is the someone from the NTUC Income's Orange Force, named Vincent.

"He was passing by so he stopped and assisted me as I'm an NTUC insurance policy holder. Told me what to do after the incident and so on.

"I'm glad that there are Good Samaritans in Singapore. God bless (:"