Is this your EZ-Link card? Kind soul who found it would like to return it to you

Submitted by Stomper Adwin

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Stomper Adwin would like to return this EZ-Link card to the person it belongs to, after he found it in the vicinity of the Marina Bay Sands Meetings, Incentives, Conferences and Exhibitions (MBS MICE) centre at 1.38pm today (Sep 11).

The Stomper found the card when he was at the Bayfront Avenue 1 area.

He intends to hand it over to a Transit Link office soon. 

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The card is a National Service EZ-Link card that belongs to an individual named Lucius.

If this is your card and you misplaced it in the MBS area, please contact Stomp at

Alternatively. you can contact us via WhatsApp at 93843761.