Cabby travels from Tampines to Serangoon to return woman's handphone -- and even refuses reward

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One kind cabby travelled all the way from Tampines to Serangoon to return a woman's lost mobile phone, and also refused to take any reward when she offered him.

Stomper Ish Thayalan Jae shared this heartwarming incident with Stomp on Wednesday (July 6).

She recounted:

"Mum and myself took a cab from Sengkang to Serangoon, and after alighting for 5 minutes my mum came to know she left the handphone inside the taxi.

"I remembered the cab number and called customer service as my mum was unable to contact her own handphone line.

"However, lost and found was only available till 5.30pm.

"I kept trying to call her handphone and after 4th attempt a lady answered. I mentioned that the handphone belongs to my mum and can I get it back.

"She told me she found it inside the taxi (back seat where we seated) and wanted me to collect it from her, but I insisted she pass the handphone to the taxi driver.

"After some argument she passed the phone to the driver this uncle as seen, and without any second thought, he said he will meet me where I alighted and pass the phone.

"We thanked him for his help to return back the handphone.

"When alighting I gave him $50 as a reward as he came all the way from Tampines to Serangoon to return it to us.

"He didn't take the money at all even we asked him to take..

"I would like to take this opportunity to let others know that not all taxi drivers are bad there are some good souls... Thank you taxi uncle..."