Great job, bus captain for telling passengers to give up seat for pregnant woman

Submitted by Stomper Mango

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Stomper Mango had a great start to her morning today (Sep 15) thanks to bus driver Mr Dickson Pang’s thoughtful act.

She recounted her experience to Stomp:

 "I took bUS 72 from Hougang central at 810am.

“ A heavily pregnant lady boarded the crowded bus.

“Mr Pang got up from the driver's seat to tell everyone ‘Please give this lady a seat.’

“He could have chosen to let someone take the initiative but he decided to take matters into his own hands and ensured she got a seat.

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“I thanked him for his kindness and told him I was proud of what he did.

“He was really happy to be appreciated and said ‘God bless you!’”

Mango hopes for others to appreciate such acts of kindness, as well as for other bus drivers to learn to intervene in similar situations.

Thank you Mr Pang for your graciousness, we’re sure the pregnant lady greatly appreciates your help too.