Gangnam Style no longer most viewed YouTube video: See what beat it

Psy's Gangnam Style caused quite a buzz when it first made its rounds on the Internet four years ago.

The popularity of the Korean pop song is pretty evident from the number of views it has garnered on YouTube. As of July 12, the music video has attracted more than 2,896,046,807 views.

It was, for a rather long time, the most viewed video on YouTube. This week however, Gangnam style was finally dethroned from top spot.

Wiz Khalifa and Charlie Puth's 'See you again' from the Fast and Furious franchise has claimed pole position on the popular video-sharing website.

The 2015 video, produced as a tribute to actor Paul Walker who died in a traffic accident, currently has over 2,901,992,564 views. 

Time will tell if 'See you again' will eventually be surpassed. For now, sit back, and have a listen to the hit song once more.