Singaporean YouTuber makes video on how to order economy rice like a pro

Do you ever get frustrated when you order economy rice, but the food stall uncle or aunty just does not give you as much food as you had hoped for?

Singaporean YouTuber GregoryShampoo has a solution to this.

In a video posted on Nov 27, Gregory details a four-step plan on how to get the most bang for your buck at mixed rice food stalls.

Step one: Order the meat first. As there is more space on the plate, the store owner will likely give you more meat.

Step two: Point to the dish you want for as long as possible.

Step three: Be patient. Wait for the uncle or aunty to finish scooping the dish before moving on.

Lastly, when asking for extra rice, say 多一点饭 (duo yi dian fan) instead of 加饭 (jia fan). The first means "a little more rice" as opposed to the latter, which means "add rice". Adding rice will likely cost you extra, so make sure not to mix up your words!

Check out the video below to understand how exactly to get more ingredients in your next plate of economy rice!