Restaurant owner in Sichuan offers free beers to celebrate his divorce

After going through the long and tedious process of a divorce, a restaurant owner in Nanchong, Sichuan is so happy that he decides to offer free beers in commemoration of his successful divorce. 

Marriage and divorce can be very energy-taxing legal matters. Hence, this guy decides to throw a celebration in view of his newfound freedom as a single man. 

He put up a red banner in front of his shop, telling everyone about his divorce and how happy he is. He even included pictures of his divorce certificate. The banner literally translates to: "Because the owner of this restaurant had a successful divorce today! He is delighted! Free flow of beers!" 

He also gave 76% discount on everything in his shop. 

Customers felt that this was too good to be true and thought it was merely a publicity stunt to attract more customers this holiday season. 

Although they do not advice others to follow, the local commercial bureau said it was not illegal as long as the details in the 'ad' were true.