Philippine man kills friend's wife and cuts her daughter's throat after he was denied a kiss

A man killed a mother and slit her child's throat who is turning four years old the very next week at their Caloocan City residence early Thu  (Feb 2) morning. 

The suspect, Jayson del Valle, was a guest at the victims' house in Barangay 176, Camarin, Philippines.

He attempted to hide but was caught hours after he murdered Janelle Mangulabnan and injured her daughter.

According to Philippine Daily Inquirer and Asia News Network via AsiaOne, the police said a friend of Mangulabnan's live-in partner who is currently working overseas, was having a drink in her home when he tried to kiss Janelle.

The police were quoting Del Valle's confession. 

Janelle resisted and hit the suspect who then reached for a knife at the kitchen.

He cut Janelle's throat before doing the exact same thing to her sobbing daughter, according to the case investigator, PO3 Israel Albay of the Caloocan police. 

Albay mentioned that the suspect did not flee and took the time to clean the knife. 

At around 6am, Mangulabnan's father arrived after being unable to contact his daughter and discovered the crime but did not manage to see Del Valle, who had already climbed up the bungalow ceiling to hide. 

Del Valle was stuck in the house when Janelle and her daughter was brought to Tala hospital because the door was locked from outside.

He was hiding in the ceiling when he was finally discovered and arrested around 3pm on Thur.

Del Valle who is an auto electrician remained in detention as of Fri (Feb 3) to face charges for murder and frustrated murder. 

The police are also checking if he had used illegal drugs. 

Albay confirmed that as of Friday night, the girl remained in the intensive care unit because of breathing problems. 

Initial findings indicated she might lose her ability to speak due to damaged vocal cords.

Her father, Janelle's partner, is due to return from abroad on Monday.