How Pokemon GO saved an ice cream shop in Washington from closing down

The owner of one small ice cream shop in Washington, United States, absolutely loves Pokemon GO -- because it saved his business.

While some may regard the popular Pokemon mobile game as a nuisance due to the crowding it brings, Gary Dear of Mad Hatter's Ice Cream welcomes it.

According to SBS, he opened the creamery in July 2011, and was suffering from a lack of customers. 

He was planning to close down soon... then Pokemon GO happened.

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Since the game's app launched in July in America, ice cream sales have tripled and Dear is looking to employ new staff to stay open longer and keep up with demand.

The shop is near several Pokestops, and many Poke-stop for an ice cream while they're spinning for more Pokeballs.

"Never in my wildest dreams did I ever expect it to end up like this," he said. "The Poke light shines down on me!" 

Dear is planning to create some Pokemon-inspired menu items.