Driver crashes Honda into railing in Queenstown while trying to overtake car allegedly used for Pokemon Go

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Stomper Amos alerted Stomp to an accident that took place on Aug 7 at a road bend near Block 151 Mei Ling Street in Queenstown at around 10.30pm.

According to the Stomper, a white Honda crashed into a railing after its driver was attempting to overtake a black-coloured car in front that had stopped at the side of the road.

Amos believes the driver of the black car was playing Pokemon Go.

He told Stomp in a telephone interview:

"I saw the same black car earlier stopping at Queenstown stadium which is a 'Poke-Stop' (place for players to stock up on game items).

"The car was travelling very slowly and was making multiple stops.

"There were three people in the car and I noticed that they were constantly on their phones."

"The driver of the Honda was not hurt but appeared to be in a daze.

A police spokesman said investigations are ongoing.