Beach-goers help stingray giving birth to multiple babies -- and send them all back to the ocean

A video, showing an adult stingray giving birth, was uploaded onto Twitter on Nov 3 2016 and went viral, reaching 34,365 retweets and 47,744 likes in total. 

The video showed the stingray on the shore, getting ready to give birth as many onlookers crowded around it.

The tails of the baby stingrays could be seen and the onlookers helped the adult stingray by providing it with a final push. 

Many baby stingrays popped out of the adult stingray one after another as onlookers admire in amazement. 

The mother stingray and her kids were fortunately sent back to the ocean. 

As quoted from The World Images's Twitter account,

"When life presents you with reasons to mourn, show him you have a thousand and one reaons to laugh."