Foodpanda vendor fails to deliver $103 Valentine's Day bouquet, man threatens police report

Submitted by Stomper Shaun

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A man ordered a bouquet on Valentine's Day but the flowers never reached his wife.

Stomper Shaun only got a refund from Foodpanda after threatening to make a police report.

Shaun said he made an "advance scheduled order of flowers" at midnight on Feb 14 via Foodpanda.

The bouquet, which cost $103 including a $15 delivery fee, was meant to be delivered to his wife's office at 9.30am.

Despite making multiple phone calls and repeated reassurance from the vendor 'Baby & Mummy', Shaun's order was still not delivered even when his wife left her office after 6pm.

Shaun said he tried getting in touch with Baby & Mummy until 10pm, but to no avail.

When he contacted Foodpanda the next day at 8am, he was told that his order would reach in two hours and that he would get a $7 voucher if he waited.

Shaun recounted: "I then told Foodpanda what's the use of delivering today as Valentine's Day is already over?

"I asked for a refund which they were not so keen at first until I brought up the topic of calling the police. They immediately refunded me the full amount although to my Foodpanda wallet."

The Stomper also shared his unpleasant experience in the Complaint Singapore group on Facebook.

Some netizens sympathised with Shaun, but others questioned why he had waited till Valentine's Day to order the bouquet.

To this, Shaun explained that he was "tied down with work" and only had that little free time.

A few users tried to comfort Shaun and applauded his efforts to send his wife flowers.

"Make a wife happy every day, life will be better always," one netizen quipped.