Foodpanda refuses to refund man who received spilt drinks and had to clean stains on sofa outside his flat

Submitted by Stomper Abu

A man had ordered two drinks from The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf via Foodpanda but was disappointed when the drinks arrived spilt.

On top of that, the rider had left the drinks on a sofa outside the Stomper's unit, causing the seat cushion to be stained.

Stomper Abu told Stomp that he had ordered the drinks on July 18 as a gift for his wife who had just given birth.

He paid a total of $22.39 for the drinks.

"The order was from the outlet at Tampines Mart," he said.

"The drinks arrived at around 10.22pm with both drinks already spilt on the sofa outside my unit.

"I had opted for contactless delivery."

Abu raised the issue with Foodpanda but was told that a refund was 'not possible'.

"I initiated the chat twice and both customer service officers ended my chat abruptly when I demanded an explanation as to why my refund request was rejected," he said.

"My photos clearly showed the obvious spillage and we had to clean the coffee stains on my sofa outside the unit."