Customer orders $18 half-chicken but receives one-person portion: Foodpanda gives $2 voucher

Submitted by Stomper Dave

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A customer was extremely disappointed when he was compensated with a $2 voucher when he received a single portion of chicken instead of the half a chicken he had ordered.

Stomper Dave shared with Stomp that they had paid $18 for the soy sauce chicken from Ah Hwa Noodle Shop in Ang Mo Kio on Apr 17.

When he realised he was given a portion much smaller than what he was expecting, he reached out to Foodpanda.

However, when he complained about the wrong order, Foodpanda refused to issue a refund and said he had already been "compensated" with the $2 voucher.

"I wrote in that my half a chicken cost me $18 but Foodpanda was adamant on compensating me with the $2 voucher which I told them was very unfair but they did not care about it," he said.

"They acknowledged their mistake but only compensated me with a $2 voucher."