Customer receives Sushi Express order via Foodpanda with missing items but can't get refund

Submitted by Stomper Angeline

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A customer was disappointed to find that her Sushi Express order delivered by Foodpanda was missing some items.

To make matters worse, Stomper Angeline was unable to get a refund.

She recounted: "I placed an order for delivery on June 25 from Sushi Express at Jurong Point for dinner and the food was delivered at 6pm, but the delivery rider did not press the doorbell to alert.

"I discovered only 20 minutes later when I checked my handphone that the food was delivered and hung at my gate.

"To my disappointment, I realised the delivery was incomplete! The '5 Varieties Bento' sushi were all missing and this summed up to a total of 10 sushi missing from my order. The total price had been charged to my credit card although the food delivered was not according to my order."

The Stomper had paid a total of $54.14 for the food. The missing items cost $11.65.

"The severe shortage of food delivered dampened my originally-planned happy family dinner to celebrate the last day of the June school holidays. My hubby had to make an additional trip to buy food for my son and himself," said the Stomper.

"I contacted Foodpanda with photo evidence via the help support in the app and all I got from the agents regardless of my relentless inquiries was they have escalated my issue to the specialist team and I will get a response within 24 hours.

"However, after 24 hours, I did not receive any update and nobody contacted me to assist me with the issue I faced.

"I do not understand why for such a straightforward case, the Foodpanda agent could not offer a refund when it was evident in the photo that the food items delivered were not intact.

"Looking at the photo, one can also derive that even the food delivered was in a bad state. The rider was irresponsible and careless to miss out items on the order and did not even bother to press the doorbell to alert us when the food was delivered but merely hung at the gate expecting us to know."

Stomp has contacted Foodpanda and Sushi Express for more info.

View screenshots of the Stomper's convo with Foodpanda in the gallery.